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Calhan Laundry

Photo of a Calhan Storage outdoor unit

Calhan Storage

Storage Units

Calhan Storage offers well cleaned and maintained storage units, with lighted and paved access, and a double lock system on each unit to help keep your belongings secure.

Horse at Calhan Veterinary Clinic

Calhan Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Clinic

Calhan Veterinary Clinic is a mixed-animal practice servicing Calhan, Falcon, Peyton, Ramah, Simla, Yoder, Rush & more!

Cowgirl Tuff Nails

Nail Salon, Jamberry Consultant

Crimson Tree Service

Tree Trimming & Removal, Firewood

Critter Control

pest control

Critter Control has been around since 1983 serving Calhan and is the nation’s leading wildlife control firm. They solve an array of wildlife problems, including trapping animals in home and office settings.

Photo of D & C Service

D & C Service

Auto Service & Repair

D & C Service has been in business since 1957. We are a general auto repair business owned and operated by Larry Marshbanks and Ed Doven.

Photo of Dan's Trash Service crew

Dan's Trash Service

Trash Service

Our Story Dan’s Trash has been in business for 25 years. We offer residential and commercial trash removal, and can provide dumpsters or roll-off containers for those large projects.

Photo of calculator and graphs

Debbie's Bookkeeping & Tax Services


We’re your local, experienced Bookkeeping and Tax Service professionals. We will deal with the paperwork so you can focus on the things you enjoy.

Dog Pound Hot Dog Parlor


Coming Soon!


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