Bulk Water Sales Policy

The Town’s policy for bulk water sales as of Ocober 14, 2014.

Local Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency and Disaster procedures for the Town.

This file is in PDF format

Cemetery Directory

The Town maintains a directory of those interred in the Calhan Town Cemetery. The directory is US Letter size for easy printing, and includes the person’s name and lot, and is color-coded as to which area of the Cemetery they are interred.

Cemetery Map

The Town maintains map of those interred in the Calhan Town Cemetery. The map is standard US Letter size for easy printing, and color-coded to indicate the Cemetery areas and whether a lot is empty.

Code Book 2014

The Town maintains a series of codes and ordinances that describe what is required, permitted, and fobidden to anyone visiting, living, or doing business within the Town boundaries. This PDF contains our complete Ordinance Code Book for 2014.

To make navigation easier, Chapter, Article, and Section headings are bookmarked so that you can easily access them from the Table of Contents or Adobe Reader’s bookmark sidebar.

Budget Worksheet 2016

The Town maintains an Excel spreadsheet with our annual projected and actual revenues and expenditures for each department. Each year we leave the previous year’s information and add a new column for the new year.

Please note that the file is password-locked. You do not need a password to open and view the file, but will need the password to make any changes.

Calhan Pride Day is now Summer Fest!

The Calhan Board of Trustees has decided that Calhan Pride Day will be re-named as Summer Fest! The new name will better reflect the sense of summer enjoyment that has always been a part of the celebration, and the fact that people travel from far beyond Calhan’s borders to partake in the fun.

Summer Fest 2015 planning is going very well. This is scheduled for July 17th starting at 3:00 pm.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Summer Fest Planning Committee via the Town Clerk.

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