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About Us

Parenting Matters of El Paso County partners with community agencies and organizations to develop and implement a systems approach to parent education. We organize parenting education & resources county-wide, built on collaboration among families, agencies and the community. We enhance positive parenting practices and promote the health and optimal development of children and youth.

We are funded through El Paso County Early Childhood Council, School Readiness Project, Success by Six, Pikes Peak United Way funding, and REACH (HB 1451).


We offer a wide range of parenting resouces, including:

  • Parenting classes and activities
  • PDF library covering topics from newborn care to teen drug use to child cyber-safety
  • Video presentations from respected educators and medical professionals
  • Connections to local, regional, and national parenting support groups
  • Much more!

More Information

For more information, visit our website:

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